Alcohol-beer it! Or bear it!


             Everyone is tossing a beer…isn’t it!

Today, They were dance in the middle of a hot nd humid day.

When I return to my room, it was really loud but it was one of the my fav Haryanvi songs( yah!! dance!!). We three started dancing as I entered the room. They were already enough drunk but still ready with few more Kingfisher cans.

Now what!?! You can either beer it! Or bear it! As they gonna repeat every thing dozen of times, like what they feel, think,whoome they admire nd even a song is repeated whole day in a ear piercing noise( whatever! You like it or not)…. ‘Coz you are a ” real bro” to them(after four/five beers into their veins) nd you have to listen every shit.

And they continued their drink(daru), dance nd drunkeness throughout the day.

Now,in the evening(wow! Strong winds outside) they invited another junior(another brother from different mother) to join for whiskey.

This whole destructive drunken dance ended after 6 continuous long hours ,(ohh! Only six? Hope it could last forever), with the tummy bursting dinner (that first song nd this dinner-saved me from taking a permanent leave for heaven).

so beer it!! Or bear it!! Till u…(X)