Words deceive.


One of the most toxic things I’ve ever done was to rely on words.

People often use words, to be precise, beautiful enchanting words to enter your life.
And besides the face, what all we know about a person? Their words.

Promises, vows, eternity, yearning, passion, intimacy, endearment are all words. It’s hard to find people implement them into actions.

And honestly it’s not our fault, we all are compelled to use sugar coated words and not be veracious because the society we live in demands fake.
And We often have insecurities with our real self.

What causes heartbreaks? I guess the words of another person that make us fall in love with them.
Watch actions. They speak a lot and are more apparent.
We all have been duped once by someone we loved, our friends, people around us. We did that too.
Words mislead and are imprudent at times.

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Here, I am going to discuss the topics which affect our lives directly or indirectly.

The things which decide the choices we make, the path we follow in our lives.

The things about which we should think a bit more.

And please tell me, whats your point of view.